The Landscape of Compassionate Liberation

How often have you heard yourself say “one part of me feels this way, and another part of me feels that way”? How often have you felt deeply conflicted, or that you’re of two minds about something? Sometimes we feel even more divided than that, sometimes we feel downright polarized, split or fragmented.


The Parts-Work I facilitate is a fluid synthesis of Internal Family Systems, Shadow-Work processes, Voice Dialogue, Feeding Your Demons, and shamanic Soul Retrieval.

It is a simple and elegant way of working with the energies or sub-personalities that tug and pull and vie for supremacy within us. Instead of resigning ourselves to our inner discord, or acting out in ways that reflect, reenforce, and recapitulate our internal division, it allows us to:

  • move towards internal harmony, reconciliation, and integration
  • experience the power and transformation that comes with being able to hold seeming opposites and multiple realities simultaneously
  • receive insight and guidance from the unseen realms (what Rumi calls the beyond in his poem The Guest House)
  • retrieve lost parts of ourselves so that we can experience more of our wholeness

This work has the capacity to heal childhood wounds, bridge developmental gaps, resolve painful generational patterns, mitigate chronic and acute physical symptoms, and presence the unconscious in ways that yield palpable shifts in behavior and outcome, energy and physiology.

Sometimes we think that we know what lies just beneath the surface, but what gets revealed through this work often manages to surprise. When we listen with genuine curiosity, and unconditional acceptance, with no agenda but that, amazing things happen.

This process cuts right to the heart of the matter, and has become foundational in my coaching and counseling work with clients because of it’s efficiency and effectiveness.


The birth chart is a map of the psyche that lays out the internal landscape. It illustrates where there are karmically and genetically inbuilt places of dissonance and resonance, conflict and congruence.

In her book “Making the Gods Work for You”, astrologer Caroline W. Casey writes: “By speaking to the forces that dwell within us, we bring them to life. Neglected or slighted aspects of ourselves awaken from dormancy.” Caroline was referring to the art of astrology readings, but she could just as easily have been talking about Parts-Work.

Astrology and Parts-Work are natural adjuncts because one system lays out the parts (or selves), and the other provides a context for them to express, emote, dialogue and dance.


Ultimately, I offer all of this work in service to wholeness. When we can stretch ourselves to include everything that’s living within us, we can move from fragmentation into something far richer and more dynamic.

The intersection of both/and is a magical landscape of compassionate liberation.

I give thanks to my teacher in this work, Douglas Brady, M.Ed., a dedicated psychotherapist and healer who was gifted at holding unconditional acceptance for people to access, express, and reclaim parts of themselves that felt scary, shameful and unfamiliar. Douglas called his work The Psychology of Symptoms.

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