“Naomi is a true modern mystic. I am in awe of her healing presence and her ability to attune to people, situations, and astrological information. Everything she does is infused with reverence and this makes her one of a kind. I will always call upon her astrological guidance to help usher me into new beginnings, endings, and through the spiral that is life.” Jen Ross, M.A., R.Y.T., Boulder, CO

“Naomi has a way, a touch, a compassionate understanding that cuts through the clutter and gets to the heart of the matter without delay. She slipped into my life quietly and gently yet rocked my world and perspective in a single session in a way that will benefit me forever — put me on a new path in about an hour. This gal is a reservoir of deep wisdom.” Kerri Colegrove, Los Angeles, CA

“Naomi Ehrich is a bad ass. She is willing to go wherever necessary to receive the right healing for her clients. And she can, because she has done it herself, and continues to do whatever it takes to bring the unconscious to light.” Jayson Gaddis, Smart Couple Podcast, Boulder, CO

“Naomi possesses a deep intuition and a keen mind that helps her weave mystical insight and practical guidance through her readings. She reflected the complexity of my Being back to me in a way that helped me feel truly seen and honored in my life journey. This is a rare gift.” Christa Ray, Boulder, CO

“There was a time in history where medicine was seen to be a kind of spirituality that came in the form of plants, songs, words, feelings, the wind or an embrace.  Naomi brings much of this original medicine consciousness to a fragmented society that similarly fragments healing, a word which comes from the old European word hælan, which literally means to make whole. Naomi gives all of her heart for her wholeness and the wholeness of all of the Earth.  This passion is rare and if given a chance, those in resonance will find their vastness in this authentic and profound mirror.” Pi Villaraza, Convenor of Inner Dance Global, Palawan, Philippines

“Naomi’s work is deeply cultivated. She is a spiritual counselor with a fierce loving heart and skillful practice. Fierce not in a sharp way – fierce in her depth and stability of profound love and acceptance. She won’t believe your shadow story, she will lovingly stay with it until it decodes into it’s essential truth and she helps guide the way with compassionate and articulate understanding. I never felt so loved in my most painful and shameful parts. Naomi has a light that burns in the deepest of places – I recommend her for your deeper integration work.” J.S., Media Producer, Denver, CO

“Naomi has a window into the unconscious, giving her access through which to see patterns that no longer serve us. She is gifted with language and communication, and skillfully reflects her insights with wisdom and non-judgment. Her palpable clarity and heartfelt presence support others to live fully.” Kelly LaValley, IT Consultant, Boulder, CO

“Naomi’s work is both broad and precise. I was astounded by the accuracy of her reading about my life patterns, how to navigate them, and the gifts and strengths contained within them. She is an astrologer with great depth and wisdom, as well as compassion for the experience of human existence revealed by the chart. Her reading is certainly one of the best I have ever had.” Lorrena Madrone, CA

“I would say that Naomi is a gifted astrologer, but also a wise shaman and rare teacher. I recommend her readings to anyone who wants to feel seen in a deep way and who wants to have a true ally in living in alignment with his or her soul’s highest learning.” Kimberly Johnson, International Yoga Teacher Trainer and Post-Partum Care Revolutionary, Rio De Janerio, Brazil

“I want to take a moment and express my gratitude for you. You have no idea how often I reflect on the times you have listened to and guided me. I will forever be grateful to you for your knowledge, guidance, kind ears, directness, and the positive impact and influence you made on my life. I am grateful that we have crossed paths, and that you answered my prayers in a serious time of need.” ~K.K., Santa Cruz

“Even weeks after my reading, it continues to reveal more and more to me on a daily basis. Naomi’s skillful reading of my chart named things I’ve always felt to be true about myself, things I want to reclaim, and explanations for many of the challenges I’ve encountered. As a healer, Naomi is deeply intuitive, caring, and loving. Her approach was the perfect balance of confident insight and knowledge with genuine curiosity about my personal experience. In other words, she brings vast knowledge of astrology, as well as her grounded inner “hits” – however, she also asked powerful questions to mine the wisdom of my own experience. The combination enabled me to really resonate with the reading and implement it’s teachings. I wholeheartedly recommend Naomi’s work for anyone on the path of transformation, growth, and self-realization.” Hannah Williams, Online Business Strategist and Coach, New York, NY

“Naomi’s readings are unlike any other. She uses her intuition and her astrological expertise to read with accuracy and compassion. I loved her reading and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to go deeper on their journey of self discovery.” Ammora Grace, Founder of Love of Life Institute, Santa Cruz, CA

“Naomi is a gifted ceremonialist, able to embody both a deep, humble reverence, and a spunky, energetic irreverence. She is a gifted listener and wordsmith: she will listen deeply to your love story, your vision, your wants and desires, and translate that into a beautifully crafted ceremony, written specifically for you. I would not hesitate to work with Naomi, you are sure to get a ceremony that feels true and authentic, full of love, laughter and tears.” Jennifer Nealon Garone, Small Circles Ceremonies