Celestial Soundbites ~ Sun in Virgo

“Perfection is self abuse of the highest order.”

This quote is a great illustration of the Virgoian conundrum. Truly, perfection is what motivates this sign. Virgo has high standards of excellence and a high love of high order. Her territory is precision, distillation, discernment and refinement. Both earthy and ethereal, she has a profound sense of sacred symmetry, and carries important and mysterious medicine for the community.

But all too often these impulses and inclinations (and the distorted sense of responsibility that comes with them) cause her to turn in on herself and become self-abusive, especially when whatever project or objective falls short of her own perfectionist ideals. Her attention to detail can manifest as endlessly critical, irrationally fixated, and, when highly stressed, downright obsessive.

Virgo books

I chanced on this image the other day while searching for something on Amazon.com. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, pictured next to The Gifts of Imperfection. I haven’t read either of these books, but their titles represent a good illustration of key Virgoan themes. Hence honoring Virgo might include some dedication to both.

Attending to the organizing and sorting impulse ~ discerning and distilling between what stays and what goes, what is useful and what is not. Deleting Facebook friends you’ve never met, throwing out expired spices from your kitchen, reorganizing your bookshelves or sock drawer, cutting foods out of your diet that make you sick, and tossing toiletries you never use. Then reveling in the beauty and satisfaction that comes when order is present.

Next, the willingness to see the gifts in your perceived imperfections, questioning what perfection even means, and what is compelling you towards it, and acknowledging how your sense of wholeness gets disrupted when your less-than-perfect parts are excluded. Additionally, the willingness to consider the ways that you might actually become more perfect (skilled, masterful, adept) when you explore and experiment, starting right here and now, with wherever it is you are, rather than waiting for some unattainable moment when you finally have your shit fully together.

As mistress of the harvest, Virgo empowers you to use your discernment about which practices and lines of inquiry work for you and which don’t. So take it or leave it, the choice is yours!

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