Celestial Soundbites ~ Sun in Scorpio (rated seX)

I started this blog series a year ago when the sun was last in Scorpio with the theme of Death. I didn’t invoke death to be bleak or morose, but because of the way that it puts us into dynamic relationship with life.

This month I want to come full circle, honor the sign of Scorpio, and close this series, again with the theme of death, only this time with the little death or la petite mort of orgasm, and it’s companions – sex, eroticism, pleasure, arousal, and genital anatomy.

Because, and thank goodness, Scorpio is a deep, provocative, taboo-probing sign, and sex is a complex, layered, often hidden, shamed and marginalized, though endlessly compelling topic.

Like death, sex has a way of stirring us up and putting us into dynamic relationship with our aliveness. Astrologer Caroline Casey says that Scorpio energy, and the 8th house it rules, wants to take everything once sacred that has since been distorted, denigrated and demeaned and restore it back to sacred.

So I have decided to share a few articles, videos and blog posts by sex-perts and educators of erotic intelligence who are unapologetically sex-positive, and unwaveringly clear about the generative, restorative and healing power of sex. They talk about it openly, using science, poetry, and humor, liberating it from the shame and taboo our society has put around it.

This post (and the ones I reference below) may trigger you, or excite you, or they may do both. You might find that you are compelled AND repelled, aroused AND averse, which can feel challenging to navigate, since most of us prefer to have a clear stance on one side of the fence, or the other.

Luckily, Scorpio knows how to be with both/and, and sit in that edgy, complex place, which is the true seat of wholeness. This includes the places where our early conditioning exists alongside of and often conflicts with the full range of our sexual urges and desires, and where any of our personal history of sexual wounding, or religious indoctrination, rubs up against our most natural erotic impulses and inclinations.

So I invite you to check out these resources, ideally in a spirit of open-ended curiosity, contemplation and consideration.

The Intelligence In Our Full Pleasure

Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman


The Sacred Power Of Your Yoni {Full Body Orgasm, Cervical- & Multiple Orgasm}

The Sex Prayer

The Epidemic of Sexually Unfulfilled Females

Walk Of No Shame

May each of us find increasing freedom, vitality and ecstasy in this most beautiful realm of our Nature, blessing and restoring to sacred that which has been shamed, shadowed and made sinful.

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