Celestial Soundbites ~ Sun in Libra

Libra’s (and Libra Risings) have a certain magnetic appeal. They are physically attractive and beautiful to look at, or compellingly stylish and well put together. Libra can walk into a room where there is dissonance and disjointedness and quite naturally unify and harmonize the space. They have a deep sense of fairness, equality and justice. Libra’s are relational, cooperative and collaborative. They are great at creating the perfect ambiance, and have an easy sociability that makes you want them at your dinner party.

Libra’s can also be painfully codependent and lose touch with their most basic sense of self as their reference point becomes “the other”. So attuned are they to what others want, that they bend and acquiesce to keep things peaceful and harmonious, and often lose touch with their own needs and preferences.

Sometimes Libra’s decision to yield and accommodate is a conscious one – she knows what she wants, but chooses to defer to others in order to avoid conflict, and keep things even-keeled and harmonious. Other times she is so lost in pleasing and appeasing that she doesn’t even know she wanted something different. The result can be a backlog of resentment and lash-out, for when Libra realizes she wanted something else, she can get retroactively pissed!

A more evolved Libra will take ownership of the way her people-pleasing tendencies colluded with the situation, while a less evolved Libra might stay in blame and resentment, unable to own her inability to express preferences or take a stand for her needs.

Libra’s have an uncanny ability to see all sides of things. This is one of their superpowers, but it can also be their kryptonite.

Seeing from every angle allows them to be great mediators, diplomats and negotiators, since they can stay neutral and maintain equanimity when things heat up or get skewed in any one direction. But because they can see all sides of things, they can hang out in ambivalence, ambiguity and indecision, paralyzed by what feel like impossible choices.

Mainstream astro-knowledge tells us that Libra represents balance, but what most people don’t know is that we’re not born effortlessly embodying our sign’s wisest and most evolved expression, we have to learn it. Often Libra’s growth edge is to become more balanced. In fact, many of my Libra heavy clients (i.e. those with multiple planets in Libra) struggle with significant imbalances, including bi-polar disorder, and intense turmoil about sexual orientation, fluctuating between opposite spectrums until they find healthy middle ground.

In my writings on wholeness, I often talk about the powerful territory of both/and versus either/or. This is a truly Libran consideration, and one of the big poison/medicine arcs of this sign. If Libra can learn to not become polarized in duality but to hold it all equally, she has mastered something quite profound. Then she can choicefully tip the scales in the direction of what is most just, beautiful, equal and peaceful.


One of my favorite prayers is the Navajo Beauty Way Prayer, a truly Libran invocation. Through the language of beauty it calls us to re-establish balance in our lives and come into harmony with all of creation. It reminds us that we can make our life our art, and our walk through life an act of beauty – a beauty way walk.

One way to honor this sun-sign-cycle would be to recite this prayer for a period of time. But do so with care, because sometimes in order for things to come into real balance, they need to get pretty lopsided first!

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