Bring it!

I wanted to share a video with you that recently went viral.  Last time I checked it had been viewed over 34 million times!

I am sharing this with you because of the way it moves me so so deeply. This call and response from loving and dedicated community is the Heart of Love, and the fire that keeps it burning bright and strong. It’s a transmission of beauty we should all know. And these guys sure do know how to bring it!

I hope you’ll watch it and let it crack you open too.


As a weaver of cross-cultural blessings with a deep call to ministry and sane rites-of-passage, it’s my passion and my honor to bless couples across the threshold into married life.

Thankfully there are so many ways to bring in the Love!

We get to create rich tapestries of blessing that honor the ancient call to gather and celebrate life-passages, and the freedom to re-envision, refashion, and reframe our ceremonies with modern meaning and significance, so that we can have a direct and relevant encounter with the Living Spirit in our own lives, right here and now.

I will be working with some lovely couples this year to craft heartfelt ceremonies that honor and reflect their unique values, vision and relationship, and help them cross the threshold into married life. We will need to navigate with great care to respect their families traditions and beliefs, as we bring beauty and mystical feeling through contemporary language and rituals.

It’s a mighty undertaking, and I am so thrilled to attempt it in cooperation with them!

Coming as I do from a fundamental religious background, I have an understanding of the power of tradition, and also the way that for many of us it has gone lifeless and limp. So I am thrilled to help reinvigorate what is holy by crafting and officiating sacred rituals that are indigenous to us all.

I believe that is why this video has spoken to so many – because at some level, we all get it!



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