I got your goat!

Pictured above is the planet Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, whose symbol is a goat. Saturn’s domain includes many things, including our individual authority or inner author.  Saturn reminds us that we are the Chief Decision Makers in charge of our lives! For more reasons than I can name here, we have given over our goat […]

Bring it!

I wanted to share a video with you that recently went viral.  Last time I checked it had been viewed over 34 million times! I am sharing this with you because of the way it moves me so so deeply. This call and response from loving and dedicated community is the Heart of Love, and […]

I Pledge Allegiance

After years of traveling, seeking, apprenticing and deepening various interests, studies and pursuits, there was a moment when I realized what the journey was truly about.  I understood that the point was not to be like someone else, no matter how much I loved or admired them, but to be radically and completely myself, and for everybody else to be radically […]

Celestial Soundbites ~ Sun in Scorpio (rated seX)

I started this blog series a year ago when the sun was last in Scorpio with the theme of Death. I didn’t invoke death to be bleak or morose, but because of the way that it puts us into dynamic relationship with life. This month I want to come full circle, honor the sign of […]

Celestial Soundbites ~ Sun in Libra

Libra’s (and Libra Risings) have a certain magnetic appeal. They are physically attractive and beautiful to look at, or compellingly stylish and well put together. Libra can walk into a room where there is dissonance and disjointedness and quite naturally unify and harmonize the space. They have a deep sense of fairness, equality and justice. […]

Taking refuge

This article is a continuation of Sometimes I’m an Asshole, my most popular blog to date. Maybe it’s because of the compelling title, though I’m guessing it’s because of the universality of what I described about the longing for wholeness, and the challenges with it. Some of those considerations again include: *Our conscious, healthy, and […]

Celestial Soundbites ~ Sun in Virgo

“Perfection is self abuse of the highest order.” This quote is a great illustration of the Virgoian conundrum. Truly, perfection is what motivates this sign. Virgo has high standards of excellence and a high love of high order. Her territory is precision, distillation, discernment and refinement. Both earthy and ethereal, she has a profound sense […]

Sometimes I’m an asshole

At some point, I dedicated my life to the study and cultivation of wholeness, a dedication that birthed out of my own need to have space to be all of me. Born into a cultural framework that didn’t make room for the full range of my humanity, that didn’t include my confusion and my doubt, […]

Inside Out

Sometimes I call my work parts-work, other times, shadow-work, but it’s all the same to me. Distilled down, it’s about isolating parts of self or psyche (sometimes in tremendously nuanced and subtle ways) in order to access shadow material. You know, our gaping blind spots – the stuff we can’t see but that’s really obvious […]

Celestial Soundbites ~ Sun in Leo

As an incarnation of the Sun, Leos are bright, warm, shiny, and magnetic, and when they’re around, they can blot out all the other stars in the room. Leos want to be seen, heard, acknowledged, and applauded. They love to take center stage. But – to paraphrase one of my favorite astrologers – if Leos […]